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"According to the second chapter of Manusmriti, the students living in the Gurukul have to beg for alms for the Acharya; According to this rule, the child Shankar was also taken for alms and reached the house of a poor Brahmin couple.A man gets the result of his actions in his previous life in this life."

"The vedic school of thought prescribes the gurukula (sacred rite of passage) to all individuals before the age of 8 at least by 12. From initiation until the age of 25 all individuals are prescribed to be students and to remain unmarried, a celibate. Gurukulam were supported by public donations."

"The main focus of Gurukuls was on imparting learning to the students in a natural surrounding where the shisyas lived with each other with brotherhood, humanity, love, and discipline."