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What do you get by doing Goseva?

-Gets salvation
-Conceiving children
-Sadness, pain is reduced.
-Peace of mind
-The family gets happiness
-Ashwamedha yagna gets fruit

33 crore deities reside in the cow. Crore means type. Aditya=12, Vasu=8, Rudra=11, Ashwinkumar=2 together for 33 cows – Rigveda = Adhanya

-Shri Kushna got all the Knowledge from Gomata.
-All Vedmayi cows.
-In Vedic scriptures, one of the seven mothers is the Cow.
-Nourishes for Lifetime.
-The Vedas Describe the Qualities of the Cow.
-A cow is a property from a scientific point of view
-Importance of cow donation, nine planets for peace, the basis of religion is cow and cow service