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About us


Vanaprasthashram is the stage of leaving the temptations of the world and moving towards salvation. It is to hand over all the rules of the world to the next generation and look at their occupations with neutrality. During the period of 51 to 75 years of life, every person is expected to gradually reduce his attention from his world and do useful work for the society.

Records and Awards

Wage Book of World Records

India Book of Records

International Book of Records

World's Greatest Record The Ideal Book of Records

Aadhaar Ratna 2022

Social Functions

Plantation and conservation

Sanskar class

Organizing trekking and cycling

Yoga Sadhana class

Our Sanskrit literature is very rich. It is also said that all languages originated from Sanskrit language. This Sanskrit language is also considered as 'Girvanbhasha' which means the language of Gods. Hymn literature has a special place in Sanskrit literature. All these literatures mainly praise the gods and goddesses.

Our Vision

To increase the self-esteem of Vanprasthi people.

Our Mission

Expertise of people for society,Using it to bring glory to Mother India.

Core Value